Long time and no posts...

I haven't been posting for a really long time. I must admit blogging was both harder and much more timeconsuming that I had first thought. The time to produce a lot of posts has simply not been there. Rather than to produce lots of posts that I don't think are good I have not written any posts. I admit to be a bit pedantic...and fully occupied with family, friends, housekeeping and last but not least work.

Fortunatly I have the opportunity to work with some of the best ITIL experts in Sweden so the ITIL part of my life is really active and flourishing although this has not been presented in this blog. I must say that I'm proud to a be part of BiTA, the leading ITIL training and ITIL consultant firm in Sweden.

Will there be any more posts? I don't really know, but I will try to post some more soon. I hope to find more time this autum to share my thoughts of Life, ITIL and other interesting topics.


David :-)

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