What is life about?

Is it about working with ITIL? Is it about being an IT-consultant with challenging assignments? Is it about running from morning 'till dusk, taking care of children or trying to clear the never ending to do-lists that come with having a house of your own? Is it perhaps like the song from the mid-eighties performed by Opus (can't help it but the song "Live is life" popped up in my head all of a sudden...) that it's about being "Live" at a concert.

This is of course both a personal and also an epic question but it's a question I think we formulate way to seldom. Why not take the opportunity while you're reading this blog to pause and think about what life is all about - for you.

Calm, this blog is not going anywhere. Are you?

Maybe that is an excellent entry-point. Getting to know what life is all about is definitely related to us going somewhere and us having a goal. Do you have a goal?

To be honest I often both behave and feel like that is not the case. Quite strange considering I am and we all are "moving on" - knowingly or not - to somewhere. I come to think about a great book or a couple of books by M Scott Peck (1936-2005), "The road less traveled" that came in the late seventies and is a best-seller and "Further on the road less travelled" published some fifteen years later. They discuss this journey of self-discovery, relationships, problem-solving and spiritual growth. I think we all are on this journey whether we believe it or not. If you think you're not moving I respect that, of course. Personally I'm convinced I'm moving and that I'm better of being aware of that. I hope you know you're walking and I just encourage you to walk further. The goal is again both personal and universal, and maybe material for another post, but it's definitely exciting to walk. And sometimes hard. I love the first line in the first book mentioned above as it begins "Life is difficult" and the second book adds "Life is complicated". In doing so they point out dimensions of the walk that we try not to admit. In admitting their existence our walk becomes more coloured and our pain and struggles are somehow more understandable.

So, after writing lots of words and promoting a couple of books that are definitely not part of ITIL v3, what is the conclusion? Is there an answer to the question "What is life about?"? I think a good answer (at least for me) is "About walking - each step more and more aware of the goal". I have a looooooong walk ahead...with both philosophical posts and more ITIL stuff.

Good night, David :-)

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