Thank you IT-skeptic!

The IT-skeptic has given me a lot of hits after selecting part of one of my posts about Configuration Management/CMDB as "Quote of the month". Thanks! I really like your site (see my links) and I am honoured :-)

Thank you all who have followed the link. I hope you find more of interest while you're here. This also encourages me to start writing more often after a long period of abscence. I will try to post more insights and keep you coming back here with more on ITIL. If I am quoted again by an IT-guru is unsure, but I'm sure I will continue to write on this topic.

Special thanks to the one who commented and shared his/her experience in such a humorous way. Please feel free to share more, before your brain is all smashed ;-)

For all of you waiting for posts on something other than ITIL the time has come. See my next post.

Regards, David :-)

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