Davids blog is launched!

The first post is always historical:-) What should I write in such a special post? Perhaps a short presentation of the purpose of this blog and of who I am?

The reason I created this blog can be summarized like this:

If you don't blog nowadays it could be questioned if you really exist!
- This is frightening for a somehow shy conservative person like myself, but not far from the truth.

Where should I create a meeting place for friends, colleagues and others to say Hi, connect and share opinions and experiences?
- I have a scattered family, lots of friends I don't have time to meet in person and several matters I love to discuss with almost anyone who bothers to.

I've been trying to focus and steer my professional career (I've been an IT-consultant for 10 year) towards a more narrow but yet very interesting field of expertise.
- IT Service Management and ITIL. To blog is to sort of "come out of the closet" regarding my focus on this areas (ITSM and ITIL). At the same time it will be a way of showing dedication to my own decision to develop in these skills.

I haven't read the ABC of blogging but I think this is becoming a quite long post, don't you think?

Regards, David :-)

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BA said...

...bLOGGar du så bLOGGar jag!

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