Where can I find information on version 3?

I would like to thank Damra for her comment were she asked (in Swedish) where she could find more information on ITIL version 3 and how she could keep updated. I'll try to answer those question and thus also adding to the information on this blog about ITIL version 3.

The OGC has an entire site packed with information at http://best-management-practice.com/ and a lot on ITIL version 3. There are also (as always) lots of (to many to list..) official and non official sources, websites, blogs and newsletters and (unfortunately) you have to pretty much read it all to get a good view of the ITIL Refresh. Perhaps the most "efficient" way to keep yourself informed is to subscribe to the official newsletter of the Refresh at http://www.best-management-practice.com/ITILRefreshRegister.

Having read a lot of the material mentioned I will try to meet your wish Damra and give an insight in version 3 on this blog. A remark is needed though: The format of this blog, with short and not so dense posts, is not unintentional. I have very little time to write and even if I had the time I prefer this more "light" format. To summarize: I will try to keep you briefly informed of version 3, but if you want to be really informed you'll have to read dozens of sources like every other passionate ITIL fan do...

Best regards, David :-)

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