Some views on Configuration Management/CMDB

I think there is a need of a more strategic and tactical view on Configuration Management, just as I tried to explain in my recent post on Change Management. First I have to say that my main discipline in ITIL/ITSM is perhaps Configuration Management. Maybe it's because of that experience that I often describe Configuration Management as being "the ditch in which 'the ITIL automobile' comes to a stop". The ITIL books are somewhat sparse with information on how to get the process of Configuration Management to work, not to speak of the realisation of the CMDB. This leaves us all searching for "silver bullets" or perhaps a "breakdown lorry" to stay with the allegory mentioned earlier.

There are really a lot to say in this matter and I will get back on the subject. For now I sum it all up like this: there is an apparent need of several (new) "views on Configuration Management" and different "levels" in our CMDBs. If we don't take this into consideration there is a risk of ending up in the "ditch" with our ITIL initiatives...

As usual a little research shows I'm not the first nor the most talented that has recognised this and I therefore leave you with some great links on the subject:

The IT Skeptic (sometimes called the ITIL Skeptic) is really a great blog with lots on the subject - www.itskeptic.org
Charles T Betz is an Enterprise architect that I enjoy reading. He has a lot of thoughts on the subject that I find interesting - http://erp4it.typepad.com/erp4it/2007/02/configuration_d.html
Some resources on the University of Minnesota Service Management site with a White-paper on CMDB - http://www.cce.umn.edu/professionalcertification/itil/resources.html

Feel free to comment. I'd love if you have an opposite opinion, David :-)


Anonymous said...

I think that CMDB seems like the place where everything stops because no one really takes into consideration the amount of time and resources it REALLY takes to put this in place. There is also rarely enough commitment over the long term to make it happen. I've hit my head on the CMDB wall as well. No fun. Eventually I'll run out of brain matter and then I wont' care.......:-)

Kelley said...

This is great info to know.

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